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5 Car Tips Every Driver In the United States Should Know

Here are 5 car hacks cops and insurance companies don’t want you to know.
This is because if enough people do them, cops will not be able to write as many tickets and insurance companies would lose millions.

1. Pick Your Nose


When I was 15, my grandfather would pick me up on Saturday mornings to take me fishing. Sometimes when we fished, he would get so drunk and high I would have to drive back. On one of these occasions, we pulled up to a cop at a stop light. In my grandfathers right hand was a lit joint. In his left hand was a half full Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. With all this illegal activity combined, when we pulled up next to the cop, I wanted to sh*t myself. My grandfather could sense my fear. In a voice as calm as still water he said:

“Boy……….Pick Your Nose.”

I looked at him like he had 2 heads. “Pick your damn nose boy” he said once again. So, I picked my nose. Eventually the light turned green, the cop turned left and we went straight. My grandfather then told me something I would never forget. “When you’re driving next to cop and have something illegal in your car, or you have a warrant, or just don’t want to be noticed, just pick your nose. Your body language shows you are not concerned about anything or anyone around you.”

Ever Since Then, I’ve Been Picking My Nose Every Time I See Cops


2. Keep your tires inflated

According to a study by Edmunds, the average driver can save $112 in fuel by having tires inflated just right. That’s because underinflated tires cause more drag and use more fuel. Drivers with severely underinflated tires can save as much as $500!

What is the right tire pressure? You can usually find it in the owners manual of your car, or by researching online for your car model or tire brand. Experts recommend to check tire pressure once every few months, as pressure goes down with time.


3. Never Get Ripped Off By Mechanics Again

FIXD is a sensor and mobile app that can end up saving $1000s in unnecessary car repairs. It translates your car’s problems into simple, easy-to-understand terms so that you can easily understand exactly what’s wrong.

You simply plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port (on-boarding diagnostics port) – fast and easy. Once paired with their free app on your phone, FIXD automatically starts telling you things like: why your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on, how severe a problem is and consequences of continued driving, and it even sends oil change and maintenance reminders to your phone.

All this without paying a mechanic, who will come up with non-urgent problems just to charge more. Now you can verify yourself if it is true or not – in minutes!

To read more about FIXD check this article.


4. Secret Car Insurance Discounts

Here’s a car insurance secret most people don’t know. There are discounts that your car insurance company will automatically give you. For example, discounts for bundling, discounts for paying your bill upfront, etc. However,

There Are Other Discounts You Have To Ask For

For example, if you have not had a ticket or if you have not been in an accident in the last 12 months, you automatically qualify for a HUGE discount with most insurance companies.

Our own Jenny G. found a website called QuoteWizard.com . Few drivers know about this site. However, it was the only site she found that gave her auto quotes that automatically included all the discounts she qualified for. She decreased her monthly payment by almost 70%.

Has Your Agent Told You About This?

Unfortunately the answer is often “no”. This is because your agent is paid commission which means the more you pay, the more money they can put in their pockets. Below is a list of car insurance discounts as well as their average yearly savings:

  • No Tickets In 12 Months: $87
  • No Accidents In 12 Months: $107
  • Low Yearly Mileage: $84
  • Home-ownership: $52
  • Cars Containing Back Up Cameras: $27
  • Life Insurance Policy: $34
  • Using The Automatic Payment Option: $25
  • Short Commutes: $52
  • Days Driven Per Week : $32
  • Car Ownership: $30
  • College Degree or Higher: $30


You will have to call your agent and ask about each discount individually or you can go to QuoteWizard.com and get quotes that automatically include all the discounts you qualify for.

In addition, there are currently insured and have not had a ticket in 12 months, then you may qualify for additional discounts.

You should at least see what discounts you qualify for. Its free, takes less than 60 seconds and could save you thousands.

I hope all these tips help you save money and avoid trouble with the law.

Here’s How You Do It:


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TIP: (You are never locked into your current policy. You can cancel at any time and your remaining balance will be refunded)


5. Clear Nail Polish For Window Cracks

If a rock hits your windshield and makes a crack, over time the crack could grow. This could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. Here is how you can save yourself money. Buy clear nail polish. Carefully apply 3-5 layers over the crack. When it dries, it will be invisible and can stop the crack from growing.


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