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Where to find the Best Shed and Woodworking Plans – My Hands On Review

Do you need Shed Plans or woodworking ideas to build a Garden Shed, a Storage Shed, or one of thousands of other interesting things from Wood? But you don’t know which are the right ones, the best plans?

I asked myself the same question last year. As a passionate Do-it-Yourself Father of two I was searching for plans to build a nice garden Shed to store all the things my kids and wife bought.

After searching on Google I found several websites offering plans, but out of hundreds of plans I had no idea which ones were the right choice for me? What to look for, are these high quality plans? I did not want to buy all the materials only to end up with a low quality Shed based on a random plan from the internet.

So I contacted my friend Josh, who is a professional Woodworker, to help me find the best website offering proper Shed Plans. He told me a little secret of professional companies – they charge high rates for building your Shed, but in reality they are also just using pre-made plans from professional resource libraries.

And the best part is that these libraries are accessible to everyone, including me and you. He also told me to not use any free plans, since they often contain mistakes and are not extensive enough with all the information you would need. Thankfully the professional libraries are very affordable if you know about them – between $30 and $80 for thousands of plans.

But before telling you about where to find these resource libraries, here are the 6 big advantages of having these online plans. Recently these plans have migrated from books, brochures and magazines to computers, and it’s great:

  1.  Help with your initial planning;  Since there is such a great variety of different plans, you have a better chance of selecting exactly the kind of project you want to build. Many resource libraries have over one hundred different shed plans alone, from garden, storage, to dog houses.
  2.  Small storage space;  Imagine, 12,000 to 16,000 woodworking plans on your computer instead of scattered on shelves in books, magazines or loose pamphlets.
  3.  Easy to find and print;  The plans are well organized in zip files and come in bundles of around twenty different categories.  Each category has from over a hundred to nearly a thousand different project plans ready to retrieve and print.  You only have to print the particular plans you need for your project.
  4.  Very cost effective;  The cost of these products range from approximately $30 to $80, while their total value would run into thousands.
  5.  Contains a huge amount of information;  simple and thorough enough for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. Each set of project plans contains detailed diagrams, measurements, list of materials and fasteners, tools needed,and building instructions.
  6.  Immediate delivery of plans;  You can find, purchase and download to your desktop, and then print the plans with a few clicks of the mouse.


Let’s continue on to the first out of two Shed Plan and Woodworking libraries my friend Josh recommended. This is the one I used to build the garden shed for my family. It’s called Ryan’s Shed Plans and contains the following:

  •  Over 12,000 different plans and blueprints
  • Designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro
  •  Step by step guides for building many different kinds of sheds in many different sizes
  • Complete material and cutting lists
  • Views of all angles and details for all Shed Plans
  • exclusive 3D CAT designed drawings


Click here to get more detailed information on their website, including many other customer reviews and more details. This is my personal top recommendation for building your own Shed.


The second product Josh recommended is for a slightly different purpose. While Ryan’s Shed Plans are the best for building sheds, this product is more oriented to woodworking projects in general, including of course also many sheds. It’s more extensive than Ryan’s Shed Plans, with over 16,000 different plans, but also more expensive.

If you’re looking for the best woodworking plans to help you build your garden or storage shed, this is it. This package of 16,000 downloadable files is tops.  It is huge and covers every phase of woodworking. It also is the top selling woodworking resource.

The package of woodworking plans has well over a hundred different kinds of shed plans from very small storage sheds, to garden sheds, chicken coops, and pole barns. The list is huge.

Each plan comes with detailed instructions and blueprints to make the job easy and minimize the chances of error.

Keep in mind, when your have completed one building project you’ll have the plans and blueprints on your computer ready to print out and to tackle another woodworking project.

You’ll build confidence and experience as you go.

Here’s what you get in the huge downloadable woodworking package:

– 16,000+ woodworking plans with blueprints and instructions to build or make almost anything out of wood, and all aimed at both the beginner and the pro.

– Plans include everything from sheds to toys for children, and indoor and out door furniture.

– Sixty day no hassle money back guarantee.  Just in case your not satisfied.   It seldom happens.

– Bonuses worth many hundreds of dollars, which include;

– A DWD/CAD viewer, worth quite a bit.

– Access to over 150 different videos related to woodworking and building.

You can Click here to purchase this huge bundle of woodworking plans and blueprints. It’s made up of ten or so downloadable packages. Each package contains anywhere from almost one hundred to over a thousand different blueprints. It’s huge.

As a final conclusion, I am glad and have to thank Josh for pointing me in the right direction. These plans saved me so much time and hassle, worth much more than their tiny price. There are some plans out there that are written just for profit, by writers instead of real woodworkers with experience. Thankfully the two above resources provide real hands on help for every DIY Shed and Woodworking project!



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